Why oil prices are keep on rising?

Taken from a discussion about oil (the full title was «As Oil Hits Another Record High, A Look at the New Geopolitics of Energy» ) this part of the dialogue shows that the game of the prices is pre-planned from the oil industries so they can have more profits than ever. The 7 sisters as they called, wants to break down global economy, even if hundreds of people dies.
(Amy Goodman is the reporter from democracy now! and Arun Gupta is an editor of The Indypendent )

AMY GOODMAN: And yet, Arun gupta, you have the oil companies, Chevron, Enron, Exxon Mobil, the others, making more money than they ever have in history. How do you explain that?

ARUN GUPTA: That has to do with the rising prices. I think there are other factors at play, supply and demand are somewhat of an issue, but speculation is an enormous issue. We’ve seen oil prices rise by nearly six fold from 2003. Yet, no gas lines. Oil inventories are at a eight-year high. Gasoline stock are at three year highs. You cannot say it is the supply and demand issue fundamentally. It has much more to do was speculation. But the speculators could not be doing this if the supplies were not tight. We need to ask, why exactly are supplies tight? Michael’s book is enormously informative and insightful, but I want to take issue with the notion of shrinking planet because I do not think it is actually supported by the data that is out there. One of the most important concepts to understand is what’s known as the reserve to production ratio. That is, what is the total global proven reserves of oil and how many years will that last at current production rate? If we look of the last 20 years, it’s basically unchanged. Global proven reserves keep actually rising year after year. They’re now at 1.24 trillion barrels according to latest B.P. statistical review. You can also say the same about natural gas. There’s about 60, 62 years of natural gas supplies, that’s also virtually unchanged since 1987.

So if this is correct then what is going on? Maybe a global financial crash could be the answer for this crisis – but this could also produce more problems that it would solve. Maybe a global union of the consumers who could declare a war at the oil companies would make the change. I believe we should give the answer to this problem. We should lower oil consumption as far as we can, by changing our driving habits, lowering the speed we drive, cut off unnecessary travels and choosing other, more green transport facilities like buses, trains or -for small distances motorbike or bicycle.

Maybe this «revolution» could take some time so we can see any significant change on the prices. But if we keep on behaving like we used too, then it’s our fault and we cannot find scapegoats.